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5 Attention Grabbing Yogurt Packaging Designs



Chain Grocery Store

Since their partnership with General Mills in 1977, Yoplait has become one of the world’s most recognized packaged yogurts. The graphics may have gone through decades of styles, but the proprietary inverted cut-off conical shape has remained the same. This shape not only helps consumers identify their favorite yogurt on shelf but it also feels special in a high-end European kind of way. Hopefully they will keep the success rolling and not move away from this incredibly unique package design. 

Image courtesy of  Sophistishe.com

Image courtesy of Sophistishe.com

Chobani Kids

Kid Friendly

When it comes to kids yogurt, saturated colors and goofy characters clutter the cooler. It was a smart choice for Chobani Kids to choose a clean look with a straight forward flavor color system because it helps the package stand out amongst competitors. The whimsical, doodle-esque illustration style would definitely interest someone hungry looking for a delicious after school snack! Unfortunately they are phasing out this look and moving to a package featuring licensed DC superheroes. 

Image courtesy of Smari Organics

Image courtesy of Smari Organics


Local Food Co-Op 

Some might find the Smari packaging too trendy but there is no doubt this yogurt would catch your eye from across the aisle. The bold graphic stripes complement the delightfully simple typography and these well-thought-out elements are all tied together with smart and contemporary color choices. Hands-down the winner on this package though is the yummy yogurt mountains which reinforce their unique “Icelandic Yogurt” story. 

Image courtesy of Kite Hill

Image courtesy of Kite Hill

Kite Hill

Dairy Free

Dairy free yogurt can be delicious and fun too and Kite Hill is dominating the milk alternative section. Instead of showing a typical rendering of almonds, Kite Hill took a more abstract route with the centered almond silhouette. This element also provided a unique space for a flavor call out featuring saturated, textural photographs of the ingredients. The dark brown coloring alludes to the dairy-free almond milk base and helps the brand stand out on shelf. 

Image courtesy of Powerful Yogurt

Image courtesy of Powerful Yogurt

Powerful Yogurt


Speaking of embracing dark colors in an aisle saturated with white, Powerful Yogurt is reinventing yogurt category cues. This bold packaging design features a distinct black and red color palette and utilizes strong sans-serif typography. Even the custom container shape for the single serve yogurt aims to entice their “active-man” target market because it is reminiscent of other male focused products like Axe body wash.

What Do You Think?

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